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Punk Rock, IDLES, and Go Hard

My favorite music genre is rock, and my all-time favorite concert is „Linkin Park – Live in Texas” from 2003.

I first heard it around 2004, and since then, I can’t stop admiring the work of the then 27-year-old Chester Bennington. I say „work” because you have to be incredibly talented to perform so amazingly and energize the crowd like that. Late Linkin Park didn’t evoke the same enthusiasm in me… Since then, there have been many rock bands that I like, including Fontaines D.C., Petlya Pristrastiya, and more.

In 2022, I discovered a style that completely changed my perception of what a true rock performance is, at least in my opinion. I was riding the metro in Warsaw, listening to music from my YT Music subscription, and in a playlist that resembled Fontaines D.C., a track from a previously unknown band at the time – IDLES, performing on KEXP, came up. I can only leave a link to this performance, and you can judge their level for yourself.

Personally, I heard the same style in their music as I heard in Chester Bennington’s vocals during the Live in Texas concert. Only without eclectic inserts of other styles. It’s genuine heavy music with an amazing rock vocal. In short, this band hooked me, primarily because of their energy, insane guitarist, and a very powerful vocalist.

Here’s their performance at Pinkpop in 2022, which strongly reminded me of Live in Texas. They have a long way to go before reaching Linkin Park’s level of popularity, but they evoke comparable emotions in me.



antoshby 22.05.2023

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