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Home is where Google Home is

I’ll divide the entire experience of using Google Home over the past six months into several phases. Read below.
Write in the comments to this post, do you use gadgets that would be just as fun to explore over time?


1. „I want to automate everything.”

The first couple weeks of using Google Home makes you want to connect everything in your room, then everything in your apartment, to the smart home system.

Why it’s like this:
– The speaker understands all „OK Google” / „Hey Google” commands. Important clarification: in English.
Russian language was from the start of sales, but with updates it was removed for some reason. So the words „Turn on” or „Play” must be said in English – „Play”, „Turn”, etc. But it’s very tempting – you connected a smart bulb in a floor lamp to the app and the light turns on at the command „Hey Google, turn the light on in the bedroom” (the same with a smart TV, kettle, etc., if they are connected to the Google Home app and are in the same Wi-Fi network).

2. „Not hi-end, fine.”

Google Home is equipped with good speakers that can fill a small room with stereo sound.
Even rock music plays decently at low volume. As a background for a study, bedroom or kitchen, the sound is enough. However, the speaker is not able to play better than a decent stereo system. However, in business trips, long trips, etc., this thing is indispensable.
More on this later.


Read about the gadgets I use in this article

3. „Each gadget is designed for specific tasks”

First of all, Google Home is a smart speaker and it is designed to play music and create an atmosphere. The speaker can be connected to popular Western music services – YT Music (formerly Play Music) and Spotify. In this case, at the command „Play Moby”, „Play Nicolas Jaar”, etc., the speaker will play the most popular tracks of the artist. You can command to play a specific genre, track, album or playlist in a music service. Among the nice features – with the command „Turn Campfire Sound”, „Turn Rain Sound”, etc., the speaker plays very realistic tracks of the artist. The speaker plays a very realistic sound of fireplace, rain or whatever you ask for (it is very pleasant to fall asleep to the sound of the fireplace, for example).

4. „Home is where Google Home is.”

It so happened that I had to go Belarus (Minsk) to Poland (Warsaw) for a couple of months. I stayed in a small cozy room.
I noticed one thing: Google Home creates the right atmosphere where I need it. All the features I used at home, I use while in Poland, and it creates a homey atmosphere where I am. It sounds a little strange, but it does.

5. Six months later: Google Home features that are new to me


While on mandatory 2021 quarantine in Poland, among the useful features of Google Home, I discovered that you can connect the speaker to your laptop (or PC) via Bluetooth. In my case, my ultrabook is decent at playing music via Google Home and I’m not limited to Spotify. You can play YouTube videos, tracks from YT Music, or existing files on your comp. That said, the speaker understands all the „Ok Google” commands. It’s a buzzkill.


Instructions on how to connect Google Home to your computer via Bluetooth

  1. In the Google Home app on your phone, find your device settings;
  2. Find Audio;
  3. Select Paried Bluetooth Devices;
  4. Enable device discovery;
  5. Add devices under Bluetooth Devices on your computer.

In conclusion, having a smart speaker at home significantly improves the quality of life. Such a gadget brings the use of music services to a new level. In this article I have described my experience of using Google Home. Write what gadgets you use and what you like the most.

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