Anton Oszmian – Digital Project Management

My favorite online services 2022

1) Shortform for book summaries

I love to read and learn new things. But I rarely go back to something I’ve completed. Recently, I’ve been using Shortform to review some of my favorite titles and getting a whole lot more out of this awesome resource.

2) AppBlock for more focus

I’ve really noticed how often I look at my phone. Not so much when I’m working, but when I’m away from my desk it’s become too automatic! This app gives me so many options so I can block or limit certain apps and websites on my mobile device.

3) Calendly for easy scheduling

I’ve used Calendly for many years. But recently, I’ve been getting so much out of its browser extension. It gives me so many options when it comes to planning with others. And as a bonus, I use it to collect payments for my consulting sessions.

4) Scribe for sharing 'how-to’

There are lots of ways to record a quick video of your screen. But this free extension produces a step-by-step guide in just seconds. Not only is it easy to use but extremely helpful for the people you share it with.

*5) Rewind for Trello backups

If you don’t use Trello, you can skip this one. But if you do, this is an absolute must-have addition. Not only will it back up all of your Trello boards, but you can go back to anytime in the past in case you make a mistake.

I hope you enjoyed this short list of some of my favorite tools. And if you think that someone else might find it helpful, please pass it along.

I wish you all the best as we begin the month of February. And stay tuned for brand new videos next week!