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Be regular – a post about consistency

Everything in life obeys simple principles.

You can endlessly complicate things and make excuses
– I don’t have something because [insert your own];
– I can’t because [insert your own];
– There are tons of examples.

The solution to any problem comes down to simple actions.
All excuses, such as it is difficult, etc., are subjective evaluation and limitation. The solution to any problem always requires certain actions.

ALL action boils down to a simple algorithm: do something – get a result.

Where to find inspiration? To remember past victories and move forward.
In English, it sounds like „Your only limit is YOU.”
In order to succeed, you need consistency in action. Otherwise it is not called „Efficiency” but stress.
The way to become more constant and effective is to form effective actions as checklists and do them REGULARLY.
Proven checklists for many effective actions can be downloaded on my website at

Off the top of my head. I once played a cool dj set called Constanta. It was about this – „You have to be constant”

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