Anton Oszmian – Digital Project Management

My Year of Transformations: Insights and Plans for 2024

As I reflect on this year, I’ve decided to share my journey of self-improvement and the key lessons I’ve learned.

The past 12 months have been filled with business analysis, project management, marketing, and digital marketing. Today, I am a professional Digital Project Manager, and I want to talk about how my approach to life has changed.

Insights and Plans for 2024:

1. Knowledge Baggage:

Elevate, but Choose Wisely.
– This year, I realized that the challenge lies not in the quantity of tasks but in choosing the right strategy. My note, created a couple of years ago, has become my guide in navigating this world.

2. Goal Pyramid: Aim, Plan, Act.

– Immersing myself in the world of project management, I discovered that even the most significant tasks can be tackled by breaking them down into goals, strategies, tactics, and processes.

3. Wisdom Over Information.

– More information doesn’t always mean better. Wisdom is the ability to find the key and focus on it.

4. Habits and Flexible Thinking: The Foundation of Success.

– Changing habits, focusing on flexible thinking—these are the crucial elements for overcoming challenges. AGILE project management in nit the same, but very close.

5. Investing in Oneself: Smart Delegate, Wise Invest.

– I’ve come to understand that not all tasks need to be solved individually. Investing in self-development and delegation are key components of success.

6. Growth or Decline: The Bar is Always Higher.

– Forget the comfort zone. Evolve, change your thinking, and move forward because the middle class is not your story.

These insights have been a guiding light for me, leading me toward the best version of myself. In 2024, I am focusing on forming new habits and continuing to reshape my thinking. What are you planning to change in the new year?

Thank you for sharing this journey with me!