Anton Oszmian – Digital Project Management

About me...

Hi! My name is Anton Oshmian (you can quickly find me on Google by the query antoshby).

I was born in Minsk, and I live in Poland. I love music, marketing, and managing projects. For the last 10 years, I’ve been doing professional development projects on the Internet.

I am inspired by interesting projects, good music, and well-thought-out marketing. My work is professional analytics, project management, and brand development in Digital.

About me

At the end of 2012, thanks to my knowledge and skills, I launched Improve Media Digital Marketing studio, which works and attracts clients to this day. In 2014, I started developing my personal brand as a digital marketing expert. Since the studio started, my team and I have worked on more than 50 projects for small, medium and sometimes large companies all over the world.

I live in Poland, in Warsaw. I have a family: a wife and a daughter, I love music, I play sports.

My strengths are determination, communication skills, willingness to take responsibility and analytical mind. I am proficient in English, Polish and Russian.

I am a professional project manager.

This is enough.

What it's all about...

In the blog on my website, I publish authored content based on knowledge I’ve gathered from courses, trainings and books over the past 10 years…
In a nutshell, my blog is about efficiency. My content consists of:
  • Checklists and tools for managing your mindset and inner state (I’ve been interested in the topic for a VERY long time);
  • In the publications I share my experience in building a system (program) in marketing and business since 2011, tools, as well as tell about different chips on project management, advertising, brand and PR….
  • And yes, it’s also a personal blog. That’s why there are photos with my beautiful artist-wife and my lovely daughter.

Value in an easy-to-use format

I write for people who care about personal projects and personal brands.
If you are one of them, it will be useful for you to understand the tools I use and write about in my blog.

If you still do not have time to understand the topic on your own, you can always ask me for advice and in the future, if necessary, to use my services or the services of my internet marketing studio